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Our Costumers about us

Agnes Vandor, Werk Academy

Sometimes I find myself phrasing my question (which is perhaps the hardest task of all) before taking action and reaching for the cards wrapped in coolness by Emi Lages and taking one out of the pack. That’s what I did when I was faced with the question of what I get from these Talking Star Constellations. And you know which answer I got? Endless love and progress.

Mariann Berenyi, Bach flower therapist

I work with Bach flower remedies. In my work I help many people with processing and understanding their emotional problems.

The cards of Talking Star Constellations  provide me great help in this area as they help gain an insights into the deeper levels of the soul: “As above so below, as within so without”.

Besides my work, I am also happy to use the cards in my private life when I get into a situation where I have difficulties with decision making or I just simply don’t know what to do. On these occassions I just ask myself my carefully considered question and pull a card. If the answer is unclear to me, I take  an another card. There were times when I did not understand the message of the card at the time clearly and then life happened to prove the answer offered by the stars in every case. These cards have helped me a number of times in important situations.

Nora Ilona Toth, movement therapist

I find Talking Star Constellations  to be an excellent tool for exploring issues in coaching and therapy, finding a path and suggesting qualities to focus on movement therapy. The illustrations of the cards  are of a high quality and have a depth that revokes the energy of the constellation we are dealing with. The word cards provide additional support and highlight the issue further.