I am a seeker like every one of us.

My name is Emi Lages, the dreamer and creator of Asztronauta.

I am an astrotherapist and a creative person, over forty with many experience and a mother of two.

I like listening to people and their stories, and help them along their journey to find their own way in life.

My inspiration comes from my travels, my studies, and my neverending aim to learn more and more – these help me understand that everybody is unique and has much to offer to the world. I learn and I teach, I live and I experience. I observe the world around me on as many ways as I can.

The Asztronauta in unique in its every detail. Based on my plans and ideas, the astonishing astronomical images -The Talking Star Constellations – were illustrated and drawn by a talented illustrator, Csilla Gévai.