Penetrate to the depths of your soul

Following the Sun and Moon, wise Mercury, harmonious Venus and strong Mars, we have arrived at the final two classical planets. In our current entry you can find out about their characteristics and their effect on people. You can see how deep they lie in the moving forces of the human mind and soul. With a fair amount of humility, reflection, careful attention and self-inspection, one can become a bearer of considerable real strength. 

Jupiter- Kindness, Self-fulfillment, Understanding

The largest planet of our solar system is linked to the oldest Roman deity. Jupiter was the god of the Sun, atmospheric phenomena, thunder and lightening, embodying the source of life itself in the belief system of the Romans. He was also worshiped as a war god and later as the patron of the state. Paralleled with Zeus, he is the son of Saturn and Ops (an goddess of Sabine origin, the patroness of harvest). Although the Greeks considered him to be a disloyal, adventurer character, he was indeed a strict and honorable deity.

This celestial body marks one’s life task and provides a helping hand for achieving it. As the forerunner of truth and overall strength, it helps one reach fulfillment and the state of total boundlessness.

“To understand all is to forgive all” (French proverb)


It is the planet of “great fortune” / Fortuna Major, which represents Cosmic Truth. The Knowledge dissolves the borders between astral, physical and mental worlds. That’s when one no longer needs “earthly”, material evidence, as one knows what one has to know.

  • Planet: Fiery, male, active and expansive
  • Symbol: the half-circle (soul) rules the cross (material) 
  • Characteristics: wisdom, justice, belief, goodwill, foresight, looking for and understanding higher spiritual connections, insight, morality
  • Features: total boundlessness, harmony with the laws and order of life 
  • Activities: prayer, waste, forgiveness, marriage 
  • Day: Thursday 
  • Landscape: melon fields and vineyards 

Questions: What is your faith about? What do you believe in? How do you picture your future? Do you create a picture of your future? Are you open to substantive knowledge?

On a higher level: One has no doubt in the existence of a God/Creator/Higher entity. There is no need for evidence as one KNOWS it exists. 

On a lower level: Denial of a higher power. Atheistic world view.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. ”- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Saturn – Humility, Experience, Value

As an ancient Roman god, he was worshiped as the protector of sowing and cultivated land. He taught humanity terrestrial work. The period of his reign is thought of as the Golden Age. There were no wars, there was no slavery or exploitation. The Greeks identified him with Kronos, thus he was the father of Jupiter and the husband of Ops. According to their belief, after being overthrown by Zeus and expelled from the sky, he remained on the ground, mended his ways and helped those around him with blissful activities.  

As the guardian of the threshold, the planet highlights the areas you need to explore in depth. For this reason, it continuously presents you with life situations in which you either get stuck and  make no progress or from which you learn and move on.

This karma planet sets you limits and bounds which you can grow to appreciate and understand with the elimination, acceptance and taming of your ego. As a polar opposite of Jupiter’s energy, it shows you which areas you need to work on in order to make progress. 

  • Planet: Earth element, male, passive and with concentrated strength 
  • Symbol:  the cross (material) rules the half-circle (soul)  
  • Characteristics:  absorption, introversion, a sense of responsibility, strictness, regularity, pessimism, fear, guilt  
  • Features: presents one with challenges, which, upon rising to them, make the soul stronger 
  • Activities: fasting, yoga, work, concentration, worrying, gaining experience and passing 
  • Day: Saturday 
  • Landscape: cave, cemetery, cold and bare steppe 

Questions: What are you focusing on? What thoughts rule you mind? Are you patient enough (with yourself and life in general)? Do you have a tendency to be late?  

On a higher level: concentration tasks / practicing yoga/ crystal healing / working with crystals

On a lower level: existence without a purpose or a plan. Impatience with oneself and others, even one’s children. Being late for meetings and appointments.