The Blue of Lasting Memory Mandala

Ruling Star Mandalas on SilkRuling Stars Mandala on SilkVezérlő csillagképi mandala selyemre

The Blue of Lasting Memory Mandala

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1.990 Ft

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  • Material: Pongé 08. 100% silk
  • Size: 15 cm diameter

Every person has a ruling star constellation. If you don’t know yours, we will help you find it.  For free help, click here!

All photos serve as illustration. Since all our products are handmade, they may slighly differ from those shown here.

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Aquarius/The Water Bearer, Aquila/The Eagle, Aries/The Ram, Cancer/The Crab, Capricornus/The Sea Goat/The Ram, Cetus/Cetacea/The Whale, Corvus/The Crow, Crater/The Cup, Delphinus/The Dolphin, Equuleus/The Little Horse, Eridanus/The River, Gemini/The Twins, Hydra/The Sea Serpent, Leo/The Lion, Libra/The Balance, Monoceros/The Unicorn, Ophiuchus/The Serpent Bearer, Orion/The Hunter, Pisces/The Fish, Sagittarius/The Archer, Scorpius/The Scorpion, Sextans/The Sextant, Taurus/The Bull, Ursa Minor/The Little Bear, Virgo/The Virgin