Talking Stars 44+22 cards in a magical box

Talking Stars 44+22 cards in a magical box

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44 illustrated constellation cards and related word cards.

These cards were designed to inspire you in order to learn and progress, created with all heart and soul.

Unique, handmade, limited edition.

How to establish your connection with the cards?

Before you ask your question in connection with the issues you would like to get answers for, think your questions carefully over.

When you are done, try to phrase your question without containing prohibitive expressions as those can stop the stars from answering you directly and wisely.

You should be aware that constellation cards do not provide you with specific answers as they direct your attention to hidden truths in relation to your question that perhaps you have not even considered.


Focus on your question and shuffle the 44 illustrated constellation cards.

After shuffling, put them all faced down on a table and rest your eyes on the cards.

Let you card call out for you!

If you have chosen the card that attracted your attention the most to your question, turn it over. Take a good look at it. The card will show the Latin name of the star  constellation as well. This Latin name will lead you to the word card in the other deck. All cards have a corresponding word card which helps you understand the message of the stars.

Just observe the way the Universe provides you with the answers you need the most right now!

We wish you courageous confrontations and good progress!

All photos serve as illustrations. Since all our products are handmade, they may slightly differ from those shown here.


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