Stars landed on Earth


Before I introduce you to the secrets of astrosophy, I would like you to get to know us and our mission closer.

The mission of Asztronauta is to help more people understand the messages of the Universe. To bring the sky back in fashion.As there is infinite knowledge at your disposal for creating your inner harmony, in order to do so, it is improtant that you recognise the true message of the stars. For this reason, Asztronauta would like to help your journey on Earth with tangible tools so that you can also be a part of the great miracle.

Asztromandala személyre szólóan
Asztromandala személyre szólóan

What is astrosophy?

Astrology or astrosophy? What are they exactly? The two are often confused as people may not be aware of the differences between the two. So let’s clarify at the very beginning what our entries will be about.

The word astrology contains “logy” or “logos” (from Greek, meaning reason, or the word) which refers to creation which can provide support in the events of everyday life and its spiritual matters. This is the ancient science of creation with the help of the knowledge of the stars.

The word astrosophy is made up of two words, “astro” (meaning star), and “sophy” or “sophia” (from Greek, meaning wisdom) and so the expression “Star-wisdom” is born.



This centuries-old area of science deals with observing the star constellations seen in the sky. It shows the expected effect of the stars’ movement or position in the sky. Primarily it gives guidance not so much on the physical level, but in the deeper layers of life. Understanding the messages of the universe helps in the process of self-knowledge and self-development, in everyday life and in understanding events around you.


It provides guidance for inner inspection and spiritual development. It’s a bridge between astronomy and astrology, it brings the light and energy of the stars into the material realm.

Astrosophy brings your attention to your own creative energy instead of telling your fortune or fate. It gives you the opportunity to weave the thread of your life, shape it yourself with your whole being. It encourages you to change perspective and take responsibility for your own fate, which often requires hard work.

It gives you a helping hand in your struggles and dilemmas. It points you in the direction of your development, just like a compass. In painful and difficult situations it soothes your soul. It highlights the hidden problems and obstacles in a situation as well as the path ahead, so that you can clear your inner blocks and your negative imprints from the past. It gives your strength to believe in yourself and trust you own abilities.

Lages Emi, asztroterapeuta
Lages Emi, asztroterapeuta

“There is an incomprehensible relationship between friendship and the star.

Why is the friend a star?

And why is the star a friend?

Because they are so far away, yet live inside me?

Because they are mine, yet beyond reach?

Because the space where we meet is not human, but cosmic?

Because they wish nothing from me and nor I from them?

Simply to be the way they are; and they are, and I am, and that is perfectly enough for us both?

It’s not possible to answer.

It doesn’t need to be.

But even if it is not possible to answer, for my friend I shall always feel that they are a star, the shining of the universe on me.”

(Bela Hamvas)

Hamvas Béla

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