The dream couple of the sky-Venus and Mars

The two classical planets following Mercury represent the most significant energies of human existence which affect men and women alike, it is only the nature of their appearance that is different. Find out more about the astrosophical characteristics of Venus and Mars. 

Venus is named after the Roman goddess of beauty. It is the brightest object in the sky apart from the Moon. It is not surprising that it is referred to both as Morning Star and Evening Star. It is the only planet named after a female figure and it circles round between Mercury and Earth. It never goes further than 48 degrees from the Sun.

Many believe that Mars, the Roman god of war, was only concerned of battles. It is interesting that initially he was the patron of fields, forests and crops. He became the symbol of male strength because of his fertile nature.

It is the irony of nature that Venus / Woman circles on one side of Earth while Mars / Man orbits on the other side. Our Earth is constantly under the influence of two different energies, female and male qualities, both in terms of its place in the solar system and in terms of its inhabitants.  

Sandor Botticelli: Vénusz születése

Venus: Emotion, Harmony

Receptive, Feminine 

  • Symbol: ♀  a circle on a cross
  • Characteristics:  affection, love, agreement, beauty, artistic sensitivity, the arts (music, dance) and entertainment are all associated with it 
  • Features: aesthetics, charm, sensuality, smiling, high standards, flirting 
  • Activities: caressing, beauty routines, physical love, kissing, laughing, dance, clothing, fashion design, an interest in the arts (theatrical performances, exhibitions, concerts), kindness
  • Day: Friday
  • Landscape: A colourful park full of flowers

Questions:  Am I looking after myself, my appearance? What do I find beautiful?

On a higher level: An attractive, cheerful, friendly and likable character. Artistic predisposition, tenderness and healthy sensuality. Visiting exhibitions and concerts. When you feel like having a cake, you go into a cake shop and have one because you know you deserve it.  

On a lower level: Vanity, jealousy, excessive eroticism, unkempt appearance

Sandro Botticelli: Vénusz és Mars

Mars: Courage, Willpower

Fiery, Masculine

  • Symbol: ♂  the arrow of conflict points outward from the circle of spirit 
  • Characteristics: Represents strength, willpower, passion, purposefulness, fighting power and active eroticism. It tends to be assertive and with a sarcastic temperament. 
  • Activities: courting, conquest, arguments (fires up), physical exercise, a need for being tested, sneezing 
  • Day: Tuesday 
  • Landscape: battlefields, hot and arid areas where one has to fight for survival 

If only wives knew how much their words (Mercury) can kill their husbands’ mood for love (Mars), there would definitely be far less nagging women in the world.

Mars has to be nurtured by encouragement, by rewarding its manliness, by acknowledgment of its brave stance.

Questions: Am I capable of being courageous and facing up to all challenges?

On a higher level: courage, determination, healthy self-esteem, an ability to act. I defeat myself because I am able to control my own destiny. 

On a lower level: seeking conflict, arguing, aggression, irritation.